Earn $$ from upload/download Files Through Kewlshare

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Earn $$ from upload/download Files Through Kewlshare

Post by sjibie on Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:35 pm

Do you upload files, pictures etc. all the
times on various file hosting or picture hosting
websites (like rapidshare) for your friends/clients to download?

Yes? Then you can now earn some good amount of cash by hosting it at
Kewlshare.com and just doing nothing extra. Just host your files at Kewlshare.com. Very Happy

Kewlshare provides 100% free file hosting solution .You can upload any type of
files like pics, audio/video, docs, pdf, zip or any other type you want to send
to others. Each file can be upto 500MB each, which is good enough for any
regular use. Laughing

So if you upload files to share it with others, next time upload them at Kewlshare. They
work exactly same like other file hosting sites, but also pay you good amount
of money. Smile

They also have a control panel where you can see all your file listed and
how many times each file is downloaded (and hence how much money you made).
Payments are done through PayPal.

pays you upto 10% of the premium registration obtained through your file. ie,if
a user takes a premium to download your file he will be registered under your
referel and you will be awarded the referel amount also if somebody joins
kewlshare.com with your referel and later upgrade his/her account to premium
then too You receive a share for their payment.

To join please use my referral link,
copy and paste the link below the address bar:

link: kewlshare.com/register.php?refer=0f3827d3


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